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  • At what age can I start using the sling for my child?
    We recommend 6 months or once the child is able to sit unassisted, ensuring the have adequate neck and back strength.
  • Will the slings work for any type/size of body?
    Yes! The slings are completely adjustable and are designed to fit mom's & dad's of all sizes.
  • What is the maximum weight for this carrier?
    The maximum weight is 40 lbs however, it is most comfortable up to 35 lbs.
  • How do I wash the sling?
    The Rouu Baby is machine washable. Use a gentle detergent, hang to dry.
  • I have twins, can I put one sling on either side?
    We suggest only wearing one sling at a time. As a parent of twin, you likely are use to carrying both of your babies as the same time but you need both hands to get the child in and out of the sling.
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