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Not Your Average Carrier 

The days of your little one wanting to be up in your arms will one day soon feel like a small blimp in time.

The only problem is…..

Constantly carrying your child on your hip. Up & down all day long. Is taxing on the body. It creates aches & pains that may have you wanting to say “not right now” or “in a minute”.

The Rouu Baby allows you to carry the child on your hip like you usually do, without the added strain on your body.

This innovative design ensures your child's hips are aligned with their knees, supporting their natural development and helping to prevent hip dysplasia – a common concern for parents.

The Rouu Baby's sleek, compact design makes it the perfect companion for busy parents on the go. Easily tuck it into your diaper bag or purse, ensuring you're always ready for life's adventures with your little one. Easy to use and incredibly convenient, the Rouu Baby isn't just another carrier – it's a revolution in babywearing, bringing unparalleled comfort and peace of mind to parents.

Ergonomic for you & your little one!

Our Promise to You

We pride ourselves on a revolutionary product that is not only effective but helps to make everyday parenting just a little bit easier!
However, we realize every body & every baby is different. We also understand that parents are busy and sometimes a little extra time to get things done can be helpful. If you are unsatisfied with our product, we offer an extended return policy which gives you 60 days from the original purchases date for a full refund. 

Contact us or connect via the chat and we will help initiate your return. 

"I absolutely LOVE my Rouu Baby! My three year old girl loves to be up in mama's arms but it was killing my body. I know I only have so many years of her wanting to be up in my arms so I would just fight through the aches. The Rouu Baby sling has been such a life-saver. I basically wear it all day long so I am ready to carry her whenever she wants up! Thanks Rouu Baby."

Sheridan Currah 

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