About Us


Megan and Jared welcomed their son C into the world in 2021. Being first-time parents, they were constantly on the hunt for tools and products to make their lives easier. C was a busy baby from day one. He started walking at ten months and was never content in any kind of container ie. stroller, car seat, jolly jumper, you name it - he was not a fan.

As C approached the six to nine-month age, doing errands became such a challenge as it does for most parents around this time.  Lugging the stroller out at every stop was a total hassle; he was heavy to carry, and 90% of the time, Megan would forget a loonie for those superstore carts. This is when it became her mission to find a solution.

On top of the struggle with errands, Megan's back was in constant pain. It is common for parents to 'pop out' their hip to help support the weight of their child while carrying them, and over time, they feel the aches & pains of this. Megan and Jared knew there had to be a better way, and after a ton of research and product testing, Rouu Baby was born.

An ergonomic infant sling that evenly distributes the child's weight, while allowing the parent to maintain proper posture and body alignment. Not only does this product make carrying your child ten times easier, it is small and compact, making for easy storage in the car or a diaper bag. 

The ROUU BABY infant sling has eliminated the pain in Megan's body, allowing her to be the best mother she can be. These two are now on a mission to help other parents feel the same relief.